Judiciary has Proved Again that Judgement Not for Sale -Fintiri

Government House


Speech delivered by victorious Gov Ahmadu Fintiri after the Governorship Election Tribunal verdict in Yola on Saturday:

This indeed is another memorable day in the annals of Adamawa State as we celebrate yet another victory in the reaffirmation of a mandate freely given by the majority of the voters of Adamawa State in March 2023. 

The Adamawa State Governorship Election Tribunal has once again passed its verdict on the petition brought before it by the last category of petitioners. It is a verdict in favour of popular will; it is a verdict that reaffirms that the truth is sacred and justice is proportionately served to all parties. 

Today, we are all witnesses to the triumph of reality over fiction; truth over falsehood and honesty over deceit. This is worthy of celebration and a tale we shall be proud to pass unto our forbearers in Adamawa State. 

The journey might be short, but the story is fully loaded. That we provided an enabling environment for democratic contest; we offered ourselves for free and fair election; ran an issue-based campaign devoid of rancour; protected our votes and won squarely, despite the attempts to deny us victory by the machination of desperate politicians and had the civility to walk to the tribunal and defend our mandate against capture.

Fellow Adamawa citizens, this verdict has magnificently closed this phase of litigation. It has no doubt consumed our productive times and energy, but I must tell you that it has not in anyway impugned on our resolve to work for our people and our dear State.  We have remained undistracted on our mandate and undeterred on the delivery of good governance to Adamawa State. 

This victory is therefore only a tonic that would spur us to rededicate our commitment to the call of our democratic mandate by ensuring that in Adamawa State we leave no one behind and nothing untouched. Our 8-Point Agenda is on course and firing with the required speed and precision. This is a victory for doing more. It is a victory for massive development for Adamawa State. It is a victory for exponential growth of our people. 

Above all, it is a victory that reaffirms the sovereignty of the will of the people over political brinkmanship and an entitlement mentality. It is indeed a victory for democracy and the rule of law. 

There is time for everything under the sun. A time to strife and a time to unite. Indeed, politics is over. We have begun governance since May 29. With this ruling, our hands are wide open. I call on all the litigants and everyone that has Adamawa at heart to set aside whatever misgivings and move on. The State is greater than each of us. 

The task ahead is enormous, requiring unity of purpose, a pooling of resources, integration of talents and leveraging the unique attributes of each of us, to reinvent a better society for our people.

On a personal note, this moment calls for a sober and even ecclesiastical reflection. I am at that point where I must recommit my faith in the sanctity of God and His powers. Allah truly reigns at all times in the affairs His creations and we must return all the glory to Him. 

The Nigerian judiciary has demonstrated once again that its adjudicative role is not a stock on the shelf.   We must appreciate the three-member election Petition Tribunal Panel ably led by Hon. Justice Theodora Obi Olohu for its painstaking dissection of the petition brought before it and coming out with a judgement that resonates with the people of Adamawa State. A judgement that is fair and just.

Indeed, this has reaffirmed our belief in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man.We also appreciate our legal team led by Damian Dodo SAN, MA Mahmoud SAN, Chief Leonard Nzadon and all the other counsels that stood with us and brought us to this point. The job cannot be done any better than this.

We thank the civil society and the press for following this event with keen interest and balanced reportage. From the election up to the tribunal proceedings and now this verdict, you have demonstrated ethical professionalism that is highly commendable. 

At this point, we thank the generality of Adamawa Citizens, especially our supporters, friends and family for standing with us and being peaceful even at the face of provocation by the opposition. You chose us. You chose democracy. You chose Adamawa State. God bless you all. Thank you.