Don’t Compare me with Oyedepo: RPM Founder Thompson Preaches Contentment

Local News

The founder and General Overseer of Redeemed People’s Mission (RPM), Rev Nwosu Chibuike Thompson, has dismissed the idea of using a flying jet, describing it as a luxury that his church cannot afford.

He says church founders cannot all own jets.

Teaching on the principle of contentment to members of his congregation in Adamawa State, Rev Thompson told them to seek happiness with what they have by looking at people not as well to do as they are.

Stressing how he personally does not crave things he has no means for, he recalled how he once rejected a call for his church to pray for a jet.

Delivering a sermon he entitled ‘Be Happy’ during an ongoing programme at the Yola District head branch of his church, the general overseer said when someone said at his headwuarters church in Jos that Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith owns three jets and he, Thompson, should at least own one, he had scoffed at the suggestion because he knew that his church had no means to acquire and maintain a jet.

He recalled that when those in church when the suggestion was made said Amen, he looked at them and said, “If I buy jet, where will I park it?  If I buy a jet, can I pay a pilot? People shouting Amen should come and ask how much Redeemed Peoples Mission pay me. How can I service a jet?”

He told the Yola congregation that his response to the jet advocates was, “You people comparing me with Oyedepo, if you are not happy for me the way I am, I am happy for myself.”

He stressed to the congregation during the Holy Convocation tagged ‘Survival of the Champions’, to seek happiness from what they have while working and praying for more.

“Do you want to be happy? Look at the people you are better than. Be grateful for what you have now,” he told the congregation.

Trending News reports that Rev Nwabuike Thompson got born again in 1970 at the age of 21. He became a preacher the following year, 1971 and started working with a ministry in Lagos called Full Gospel Society. 

He was employed as a driver and was driving the gospel van, a job which gave him the privilege of taking preachers out on evangelism and crusades. He himself soon started preaching.

Recounting his beginnings in a published interview, the RPM founder said, “As I started preaching, people started talking to the overall head of the ministry and that was how I was taken from being a driver into working as an evangelist. At 24, I was posted to Jos to represent Full Gospel Society. 

“That was how I started going from city to city holding evangelistic crusades which were quite fantastic. I continued with Full Gospel Society as a regional head until 1977 when I resigned and planted the church known today as Redeemed People’s Mission.”

The RDM which retains its headquarters in Jos, has 115 branch churches in nine districts, with the Yola District alone having 18 branch churches spread in different parts of Adamawa State.