Adamawa: Njir Hoba Takes Fight Against Smoking To Kulinyi District

Local News

Measures taken by the Kulinyi District Council of Hong local government area of Adamawa State in conjunction with security agencies in the fight against tobacco smoking and other substances have contributed to drastic reduction of the act in the district.

The District Head of Kulinyi Alh Shauibu Manaundaby, gave the testimony Thursday during an interactive session with village heads organized by Njir Hoba Multipurpose Cooperative Group, also known as “Njir Hoba” and sponsored by Mrs Dabney Shall-Holma.

The District Head who spoke through his Wakili, Isah Usman, said smoking can be eliminated if ward and village heads team up with other stakeholders and support security agencies.

Manaunda stressed the need for parents to ensure their children receive good morals, and blamed some parents for exhibiting nonchalant attitude towards child upbringing, thereby allowing children to roam about like lost sheep.

The District Head ssif, “If the community vows to stop smoking in their area, it will be possible. Sellers can be given a deadline to discontinue with the business and look for a better business that will be beneficial to the larger community or relocate, but if community refuses to take action, it will persist.”

He directed the village heads to sensitize youths in their respective areas on the dangers associated with smoking to deter others from indulging in the act.

“Apart from steps to eliminate the practice, governments can break the chain of supplying the harmful products into society, since the suppliers, the sellers, and locations where transaction of the illicit business are carried out are not hidden,” Manaunda said.

The District Head commended the foresight of Njir Hoba Multipurpose Cooperative Group and sponsor of the programme, Mrs Dabney Shall-Holma.

Evangelist Kemuel Sa’ad Wilberforce, Coordinator Kulinyi District advised the traditional rulers to seek inputs from religious leaders and other stakeholders on ways to halt smoking.

He said they should also spend some hours with the smokers, as during interaction some of the smokers will divulge information on the rationale behind their involvement in smoking, so that effective counselling can be given as a step towards eradicating it.

In their separate responses, the Village heads supported the ban on smoking, explaining that most crimes are done under the influence of drugs.

The village heads in Kulinyi district that attended the meeting include Ardo Mohammed Adamu-BANGSHIKA, Ardo Musa Sarkinyai-NADDERE, Ardo Wycliffe Adamu-HOSEREZUM, Ardo Karimun Jauro-MUTAKU, Ardo Wilfred P Dauna-KULINYI and Ardo Simon Isah – DZIGA YERIMA.

By Hassan Umar Shallpella