Questions About Binani’s 50 Cars


As concerned citizens and Adamawa central senatorial district electorate, we are writing this piece for detailed explanation regarding the recent distribution of about 50 cars to “ONLY” All Progressives Congress (APC) diehards and “Binani’s” loyalists.

To start with, these are posers that need answers:

Are the cars part of Our 2023 Constituency Projects or Her Personal Property?

  • Is Binani Still the Senator Representing Adamawa Central or She’s Still Campaigning For the Governorship?
  • Where Are the Remaining Fertilizer and Other Constituency Projects Meant For Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone?

We are not objecting or writing against empowering her political loyalists; rather we only seek clarification on whether the cars are part of the Adamawa Central Senatorial district constituency project 2023.

If the cars are part of the 2023 constituency projects, then senator Binani is not fair to herself and the people of Adamawa central by giving them less than what is expected in the multi-million naira constituency projects as the gesture was not utilized for the purpose intended.

This is considering the fact that even those from other parts of the state benefited from the cars despite having their representatives too at the National Assembly.

Normally, it’s a tradition in both the lower and upper chambers that lawmakers who are not returning to the National Assembly do hand over all the ongoing constituency projects in their jurisdiction to their successors to continue from where they have left. We wonder why her own case is becoming different.

Or is she still campaigning for the governorship in the state while the Governor of the State Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is busy fulfilling his 8-Point Agenda to the people of the state.

As we have said earlier, the constituency projects meant for the people of Adamawa Central Senatorial District were donated to some selected groups/ individuals in the state who were said to have pushed Binani’s train during the 2023 electioneering campaigns irrespective of their senatorial district.

Constituency projects are properties belonging to the electorate who have representatives in either national or state houses of assembly and projects meant for execution in respective constituencies all over the country must be executed to the satisfaction of the electorate and political elite must not see themselves as the sole owners of the projects.

People of Adamawa Central Senatorial District need justice on their 2023 Constituency projects and will not condone any act of conversion of their projects for cheap politicking, forgetting that 2023 election is over and gone for good.


Muhammad Shamsuddeen Bello